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Pumpkin Enzyme Peel           60 minutes      $70

Natural pumpkin offers more than 100 nutrients and contains natural acids and anti-oxidants.  This treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and toning.  Next a mask made of pure whipped pumpkin is applied and allowed to penetrate.  After the mask is removed, the treatment finishes with an application of deep moisturizers, leaving the face firm and toned. 


AHA Peels and BHA Peels


Coconut Lime Glycolic Peel 60 minutes     $65

Fresh coconut, tangy lime together in a refreshing combination that nourishes the body and soul.  The soft tropical aroma inspires a sense of relaxation and well being while hydrating and soothing the skin.  Provides enhancing skin protections due to a significant amount of lauric acid, polyphenols, and tocotrienols (vitamin E) found in the fruits.  A tropical treat for the mind and body!

Revitalizing Cream Peel 60 minutes     $65       Package of 6     $330

This gentle hydrating peel restores lines, wrinkles and uneven texture with deep, calming moisture.  The lactic acid and peptide peel - sweeping away dead skin cells that dull the complexion - offers efficient exfoliation without any worry of redness, sensitivity or dryness.  A polishing enzyme mask keeps the complexion smooth with penetrating hydration.  Appropriate as a follow up to laser resurfacing, this nurturing treatment is ideal as monthly maintenance for dry, sensitive or any other skin type craving comfort and restoration.

***Please note: Do Not Use if Allergic to Aspirin...Contains 5% salicylic acid***

***Best results from a series of 6***


Pinot Peel 60 minutes     $65       Package of 6     $330

Good for acne, dry, sun damaged, and aging skin types.  Contains pyruvic acid (from grapes), lactic and glycolic acids.  Removes dead skin cells, reduces fine lines, evens skin tone, improves texture and leaves skin smooth, refreshed and hydrated.

***Best results from a series of 6***


Lactic Peel 60 minutes     $65       Package of 6     $330

This dynamic treatment incorporates green tea and lactic acid to reduce hyper pigmentation caused by photo-damage, hormones, and acne.

***Best results from a series of 6***

Glycolic Peel 60 minutes     $65       Package of 6     $330

This intensive treatment rapidly exfoliates skin cells to clarify the complexion.  You will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of scars, fine lines, and dark spots.

***Best results from a series of 6***


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